Albion Square Residents Association
Albion Square is an early Victorian garden square in the heart of Hackney. It was designated a conservation area in 1975 and provides the setting for a number Grade II listed buildings. It has a fountain of local importance.

"Groundwork London" created a project which involved the repair of the fountain, upgrading of footpaths and various elements of soft and hard landscaping.The community was involved through the local residents association who undertake a number of activities in the square each year including Open House and London Garden Squares Day. The repair to the fountain provided a much needed source of drinking water for visitors and contributed to making the site a more pleasant experience. The improvements to the paths addressed issues of access for people with disabilities as well as people with children.

Duke Of Wellington Pub and
war memorial
The "Snake Park"
Albion Terrace
Albion Square South Side
Albion Square North Side
Middleton Rd
Haggerston Rd
All Saints Church
Albion Square Garden
Stonebridge Park
Albion Square Residents Association - Mission Statement

ASRA aims to encourage community cohesion and benefit its environment by:

  • maintaining and improving the public areas in and around Albion Square and Stonebridge Common,
  • organising good quality social events for residents,
  • consulting with other local area groups, councillors and individuals as appropriate and
  • petitioning on issues of local concern.

Copies of the Rules and Constitution are available – please send your email address if you would like to be sent a copy.

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